Human team is today the main asset of any up-to-date and socially responsible company.

The working environment is also one of the key factors to which humans refers to create their own identity. It is through the work we perform, we discover our skills and talents. The work must then make sense to bring satisfaction to the employees of a company and to motivate them, creating team building.



It should also be emphasized that the work environment today, leads to more stress and reduces production efficiency.

Therefore,THE CORPORATE GYM has set since 2005 a target: to enhance the welfare of employees in companies with wellness centers, providing a powerful and innovative social tool that benefits both employees and their companies.

With 10 years of a unique experience, created more than 60 facilities under management in Europe, we have become experts leading companies to the welfare of their employees and social development strategy.

We also work with companies that do not have corporate facilities on-site, proposing targeted In-Company activities, awareness lectures, workshops and special events on demand, that contribute to their welfare improvement and efficiency of its employees.