For companies, due to our long and extensive European experience in public and private Fitness field, in own network and / or franchise, The Corporate Gym offers its clients the service of Consulting Business in an international level.

This service is offered to countries like Spain, France and England, covering the following:


  • Local, regional and national market analysis.
  • Potential market.
  • Competition.
  • Positioning.
  • Find local, negotiating property.
  • Internal design centers.
  • Preparation of business plans.
  • Creation and development of networks of clubs.
  • Creation and development of franchise networks.
  • Advice on all steps of buying or selling clubs.
  • Search for companies "targets".
  • Contacts properly.
  • Determining value of club or company.
  • Offers, negotiations and "due diligence".
  • Search for funding sources.