The professional environment is today, a source of stress, mental fatigue, anxiety, depression and lack of motivation for employees, also affected by the exodus of businesses to the suburbs of large cities.

BIT and IHRSA international studies show that these elements lead to an increasing absenteeism, irritability, labor unrest and loss of productivity and efficiency of employees, factors that amount to 10% of total labor cost.

To promote wellness in the workplace is not a fad but a long-term profitable investment for companies.



The direct benefits obtained by developing the Wellness In-Company are:

  • Increase self-esteem and well-being (physical and mental) of employees
  • Encourage healthy habits of employees
  • Provide greater resistance to stress and improved working environment
  • Optimizing resilience and reduce absenteeism
  • Provide techniques to reduce the economic and human impact of TME
  • Reinforce feeling of belonging, identification with your company.

In summary, the benefits translate into an extraordinary improvement of the workforce efficiency and the relationship between workmates.

In addition, this corporate facility and the global Wellbeing program will allow you to reduce the cost of your insurance policy.


Offering a gym as a service to the tenant companies in a business park is also a very profitable short-term investment.

When companies raise to move within or towards the outskirts of the big cities, they seek to retain their employees. Offices that offer added services such as catering, babysitting, concierge and gym.

We allow the real estate investor to improve the value of its assets:

  • Giving a new, unique and differentiated content to your real estate offer.
  • Helping to improve the rental level.
  • Retaining the tenant companies through its employees.
  • Making more profitable the less noble and difficult to market spaces