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Digital offer


In addition to classes (platform access & group lessons), we have set up a system allowing users of our centres who are not present in the workplace to be able to continue their training with a remote course schedule:

entrainement digitalisé

Live classes taught by our coaches with a daily schedule

After each session, the video is made available on a platform that allows streaming and on-demand replay for our subscribers.

entrainement digitalisé

Live lessons directly from our studio from our employee coaches

These classes are recorded live and then made available the following day on demand (VOD) on our platform.

Ideal duration to optimise training: 30–45 minutes

Free access for all fitness members as part of the “Sport Offer”

Daily midday/evening live programme that is then available on demand (VOD)

The class library contains several hundred sessions and is updated regularly.

More than 30 types of lessons and supervised activities in 5 main ranges:

salle de sport en entreprise

Endurance-type activities, moderate or intense, aimed at improving general physical condition, cardiac health and respiratory capacity.

gestion intégrale espace forme

Type of training allowing working locally on a muscular zone: thighs, glutes and abs, back, shoulders, etc. It can be practiced with equipment, or using the weight of the body.

bénéfice sport en entreprise

Developing physical fitness through a series of cardio exercises and combined muscle strengthening. Courses in the form of circuits.

partenaire bien-être en entreprise

Moderate intensity class focusing on the practice of a set of postures and breathing exercises aimed at providing physical and mental well-being.

cours de sport en entreprise

Famous classes with a known focus where we work on all muscle groups (boxing, aqua biking, yoga, meditation, self defence, body pump, etc.)

application sport & bien-être




Description of the room, opening hours and class schedule.


Access to class booking and notifications for bookings, events and personalised services.

Free training

Lets the members play sports and follow activities outside the hall.

My Private coach

Book a personalised coaching session outside the room.


Ability to track activity on connected machines.

My account

Members’ personal information (ID, subscriptions, invoices, etc.)

Video On Demand

Possibility of training remotely thanks to a large library of video lessons available, divided into 5 large families.

Live courses

A live distance course offer that combines home sports and interactivity with our coaches. Scheduled from Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner.

application sport & bien-être



application sport & bien-être

Available in web version

Information and reservations are also accessible via sites dedicated to each Fitness center.

Available in web version

Information and reservations are also accessible via sites dedicated to each Fitness Center.

application sport & bien-être version web
application sport & bien-être version MAC
application sport & bien-être version web