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Sport Offer



More than 30 types of lessons and supervised activities in 5 main ranges:

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My Cardio

Endurance-type activities, moderate or intense, aimed at improving general physical condition, cardiac health and respiratory capacity.

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My Body

Type of training allowing working locally on a muscular zone: thighs, glutes and abs, back, shoulders, etc. It can be practiced with equipment, or using the weight of the body.

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My Zen

Moderate intensity class focusing on the practice of a set of postures and breathing exercises aimed at providing physical and mental well-being.

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My Functional

Developing physical fitness through a series of cardio exercises and combined muscle strengthening. Courses in the form of circuits.

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My Specific

Famous classes with a known focus where we work on all muscle groups (boxing, aqua biking, yoga, meditation, self defence, body pump, etc.)


Depending on the time range and the parameters of each client (age pyramid, type of staff, MSD, budget constraint) we provide the most suitable solution for the tailor-made activity programme.

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cours de sport en entreprise

A programme of lessons and group activities for active sportspeople, occasional sportspeople and non-sportspeople

4 to 12 annual events (challenges, focus days (health, quality of work life, etc.)) offered to members and/or all staff